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2017 Toronto International Boat Show Products

2017 Toronto International Boat Show - looking for new products/accessories

We attended the Toronto International Boat Show on Saturday, January 28, 2017, to find new boating accessories that would make great products to offer to our Sea Dog Boating Solutions customers.

The Toronto show is enormous for an indoor event. There were a ton of boating accessories available at the show, which was at the Exhibition Center right near the Lake Ontario shoreline.

We made going to the show a getaway weekend. We traveled to Cornwall Ontario by car on Friday night and then took the Via Rail train to Toronto. Breaking the trip into travel by car and train made the trip more enjoyable. I didn't have to drive for the whole seven and a half hours it would have taken by car, and we enjoyed being able to relax on the train.

I haven't been to Toronto in about 35 years. My wife and I enjoyed going out to dinner on Saturday night. It is easy to get around in Toronto without a car. We used a taxi, the trolley, and the bus to get around while we were there. We returned home to Vermont on Sunday.

We found some exciting products that might work out well to offer to our Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC customers.  Here are a few of the things that I will be following up on:

2017 Toronto International Boat Show

We purchased the following products for our boat at the show:

Overall the trip to the Toronto show was very worthwhile and enjoyable, and we will most likely return to this boat show next year.

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