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Great NEW Products at the 2018 Toronto International Boat Show

2018 Toronto International Boat Show - looking for new products/accessories

We attended the Toronto International Boat Show on Saturday, January 20, 2018, to find new boating accessories that would make great products to offer to our Sea Dog Boating Solutions customers.

Our second year at the Toronto show, and we were still impressed with how huge it is for an indoor boat show. There were a ton of boating accessories available at the show, which was at the Exhibition Center right near the Lake Ontario shoreline.

We went to the show as part of our return trip to Utah, where we were visiting our daughter. We flew into Toronto and stayed at an Airbnb within walking distance of the show. We had a full day on Saturday, attending the show. Then in the evening, we had dinner in downtown Toronto with our marketing person who lives outside Toronto. We had a great evening visiting with her and her husband. We flew out of Toronto early on Sunday morning back to Vermont via the Newark International Airport. Next year we hope to extend the weekend and take an extra day or two to visit some of the sites in Toronto.

We found some exciting products that might work out well to offer to our Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC customers.  Here are a few of the products that I will be following up on:

2018 Toronto Boat Show

We purchased the following intriguing products for our boat at the show:

Overall the trip to the Toronto show was very worthwhile and enjoyable. We plan on returning to this boat show again next year.

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