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NEW PRODUCT - Arid Bilge Vacuum System - Series 1

Arid Bilge System Series 1 Bilge Vacuum - have a dry bilge all the time

We went to the Newport International Boat Show (NIBS) on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 to check out NEW PRODUCTS! We saw a lot of interesting products. The products that we were most impressed by were:

  1. Automatic bilge vacuum system to leave your bilge completely dry
  2. Turkish bath towels that are hand-woven and are 100% organic Turkish cotton
  3. Chafe guards for your docking/mooring lines, fender lines, and stays to protect your foresail.

We purchased an Arid Bilge System Series 1 unit after the Newport International Boat Show (NIBS) and was one of the products that we were impressed with at the NIBS. There were multiple reasons why we are interested in this product, but the main reason is mold/mildew growth on our boat. We always have about 1 1/2 - 2 inches of water in our bilge all Summer long. This moisture tends to help mold/mildew grow on our boat cabin. The Arid Bilge System is a bilge vacuum - it does NOT replace your bilge pump, which is for emergencies. What the Arid Bilge System does is vacuum up and pump out the standing water in the bilge that the bilge pump does not pump out. After installing the Arid Bilge System, I now have a completely dry bilge. Our boat already smells less musty, and it is exciting to look into the bilge and see that it is completely dry.

There are two types of pickup pads available for the Arid Bilge System Series 1 unit:

Depending on your bilge design, you will want to select the appropriate pickup pad.

I offer the Arid Bilge System here 

Please check out the website for more information and details regarding the Arid Bilge System.




The installation was straight forward, and I installed the system myself.  I am very impressed with how the system is made and how well it works.

We are looking forward to the upcoming sailing season, where we will have a dry bilge thanks to the Arid Bilge System.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this product.

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All the best,

Steve Charlebois

Sea Dog Boating Solutions, LLC - owner 

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