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New Product - Firefly Solar Lantern - WE LOVE THIS SOLAR LIGHT!

Firefly Solar Lantern - It Floats and is Waterproof

Do you wish you had a solar light for your boat? If you're like most boaters, the answer to that question is YES!!! 

I found a great new solar light called the Firefly Solar Lantern, which can be used everywhere on your boat AND IT FLOATS!

The Firefly Solar Lantern has the following great features: 

We love this light on our boat, and it has a lovely warm feel to it. We use it in the cockpit and can put it exactly where we need the light.  We also use the light in the cabin, and it is excellent for reading or just lighting up the area without using your house batteries.


This video which shows you the many uses of the Firefly Solar Light:

Buy the Firefly Solar Lantern Here


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