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Looking to have a FREE Vessel Safety Check?

Apr 25, 2020
If you are looking to have a FREE Vessel Safety Check completed for your boat, you have come to the right place to learn how to schedule one of these. We have had our 31' sailboat inspected three or four…

Looking for a new anchor?

Apr 10, 2020
Updating our anchor and tackle Have you ever had problems with a dragging anchor? Like many boaters, we have dragged anchor on a few occasions, which always involved some exciting moments. I always felt…

Quahog Bay Boat Sheets - Custom V-Berth Sheet Set

Apr 09, 2020
Custom V-Berth Sheets for your boat Unique Cinching Design Ensures Perfect Fit On Boat Cushions Every Time! Features: Handmade in Maine Made with 100% Single Ply 600 Thread Count (TC) Combed Cotton…

2019 Annapolis Sailboat Show Review

Dec 18, 2019
We attended the 2019 Annapolis Sailboat Show for the first time on Friday and Saturday, October 11-12, 2019. We attend boats show looking for new products that we would feel comfortable offering to our…

New Bimini for our S/V Second Wind

Nov 19, 2019
We have never had a bimini on our sailboat. Our boat came with a "canopy" that was only useful when at anchor or a mooring/dock, and we could not sail with the canopy in place. We wanted to add a real…

Top 3 Gifts or Purchases for a NEW Boater

Nov 03, 2019
Here are the Top 3 Gifts for a NEW Boater     If I think back to the days when we were new to boating, what would have been the most useful products that someone could have recommended for us to purchase…

Sena Expand Headset Quick Start Instructions (Out of the box)

Aug 17, 2019
Your headsets come with a built-in microphone on the left earpiece.   You need to charge each headset.  Put the "L" shaped plug into the rectangular socket on the left earpiece.  Insert the USB plug into…

Sena Expand Headset

Aug 07, 2019
Retail Price: $169.00

Navigating your Time Efficiently at a Boat Show

May 05, 2019
When you attend a boat show, do you wish you could use your time more efficiently while at the show?  At the end of the day, do you wish you had talked to specific vendors, but you ran out of time? Do…