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Boating Safely Into The Sunset (Years) - BoatUS Magazine articles

Boating Safely Into the Sunset (Years) - Boating and Aging

As we get older boating may become more difficult for us.  Here are some great articles in the BoatUS Magazine worth reading.


The 2015 February / March issue of BoatU.S. magazine has a few really good articles in it about boating as we get older and how to address some of the issues that arise with aging. Check out the following articles:

  1. "Boating Safely Into The Sunset (Years)" http://bit.ly/1D948y5
  2. "Tips For Keeping Safe Aboard, As You Age" http://bit.ly/1DQrTAt
  3. "How To Protect Your Night Vision" http://bit.ly/1ag4CeJ
  4. "Getting Rid Of Boat Vibrations" http://bit.ly/1BoIQlg

Let me know what you think.


Steve Charlebois

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